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In these intimate interiors, Drabkin continues her exploration of the nuances of everyday life and the “mystery of reality,” using color and light as a means of meditation or reflection. Moments, brief and seemingly insignificant, transcend the mundane, “[a] glass bottle absentmindedly left on a kitchen shelf become[s] memorable to me through a combination of color sensations, a luminous quality, or the echo of a human presence.  The exhibition title comes from Drabkin’s own comments about her work, “this search is for the elusive moments of recognition when a place or shape of light brings from below consciousness a feeling or interior truth, creating connections from shapes and forms to turn the ordinary into a glimpse into the extraordinary.”

Catherine Drabkin has exhibited throughout the United States and internationally.  Solo exhibitions have been presented at Kraushaar Galleries, NY, where she has been represented since 1994; the Delaware Division of the Arts ,Wilmington; The McKinney Gallery, West Chester University, PA; Rowayton Arts Center, Norwalk, CT; and the Jaffe-Friede and Strauss Galleries,  Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH among others. 

A founding faculty of the Delaware College of Art and Design, she has taught at the University of Nebraska/Omaha, Southern Connecticut State University, Dartmouth College and Point Park University, Pittsburgh, where she is currently teaching figure drawing.