The Puzzling World of John Sloan

On view at the Delaware Art Museum, from June 6th through September 6th, 2015

"Between 1900 and 1910, John Sloan produced a weekly series of word and picture puzzles for the Sunday supplement of the Philadelphia Press, one of the country’s leading illustrated newspapers. The Puzzling World of John Sloan will explore this little-known facet of Sloan’s early newspaper career, presenting more than 25 works from the Museum’s collection. On view for the first time, the puzzles demonstrate the artist’s imagination and verbal and visual wit, as well as the fluid boundaries between fine art and newspaper illustration in the first decade of the 20th century. This exhibition encourages visitors to solve Sloan’s complex puzzles."

For more information, visit the Delaware Art Museum's website: The Puzzling World of John Sloan

Just Off Madison - Spring Open House

 George Luks,  Child with Doll , circa 1905-1909

George Luks, Child with Doll, circa 1905-1909

Please join us as we participate in Just Off Madison, the semi-annual American Art open house.

Wednesday, May 20th from 5 to 8 pm

On view will be Figuratively Considered, A Selection of Early 20th Century Figurative Works, with examples by Guy Pène du Bois, William Glackens, George Luks, Alfred Maurer, John Sloan, Marguerite Zorach and others. 

A map of the gallery walk is available here:


Master Drawings New York 2015

Kraushaar Galleries is pleased to host Richard A. Berman Fine Art during Master Drawings New York 2015, January 24th - 31st.  

Richard A. Berman has been a private dealer since 1989, specializing in works on paper from the16th to the 20th centuries.  Among the Old Master drawings that he will be exhibiting are examples by Agostino Carracci, Gioavanni Domenico Tiepolo, Cherubino Alberti, Paolo Farinati, Giusppe Piattoli.  He will also present more recent examples by Pierre Bonnard, Julio Gonzalez, Jacques Villon, Jim Dine, Mark Lombardi, Jacob El Hanani, Matthew Buckingham, and Matthew Higgs.

Kraushaar Galleries will have on view a selection of American works on paper including works by Dorothy Dehner, Gwen John, Maurice Prendergast, John Sloan, John Storrs and others.


 John Storrs,  Untitled (Standing Female Nude) , 1926

John Storrs, Untitled (Standing Female Nude), 1926

Just Off Madison

 Maurice Prendergast,  Overhauling the Boat, Treport , 1892

Maurice Prendergast, Overhauling the Boat, Treport, 1892

Please join us as we participate in Just Off Madison, the semi-annual American Art open house.

Wednesday, November 19, from 5 to 8 pm

On view will be a selection of early to mid 20th century works by American artists. Included are examples by Stuart Davis, Dorothy Dehner, Carl Holty, Gwen John, John Marin, George L.K. Morris, Grandma Moses, Jerome Myers, Maurice Prendergast, Karl Schrag, Marguerite Zorach, and others. 

A map of the gallery walk is available here:

For more information on Just Off Madison:

Exclusive! 7 Private ADAA Dealers Open their Doors to the Public for 1 Night

Event Preview (Courtesy of American Fine Art Magazine)

William Glackens

Co-organized and presented by NSU Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale, Parrish Art Museum,
Water Mill, NY, and the Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia

 William Glackens,  Bal Martinique , 1928–9

William Glackens, Bal Martinique, 1928–9

Karl Schrag: Memories and Premonitions

Karl Schrag, Across the Meadow (Green and Yellow Meadow), circa 1985

The Palitz Gallery, Syracuse University Lubin House, 11 East 61st Street, NYC

The exhibition contains 20 works including paintings and drawings, with works from the Syracuse University Art Galleries, which maintains the only complete collection of the artist's prints.  "Karl Schrag: Memories and Premonitions" is reflective of his masterful handling of the figure, landscape and still-life scenes and the evocative power of his vision, and the works in the exhibition convey the artist’s ability to see the landscape as if for the first time and the surprise of that special view.

"Karl Schrag: Memories and Premonitions" is open Monday to Friday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. beginning Aug. 26, and runs through Oct. 30. A 128-page, fully illustrated catalog will accompany the exhibition and is available for purchase in both hardcover or softcover online at or at the gallery. Contact 212-826-0320 or for more information.