Master Drawings New York 2015

Kraushaar Galleries is pleased to host Richard A. Berman Fine Art during Master Drawings New York 2015, January 24th - 31st.  

Richard A. Berman has been a private dealer since 1989, specializing in works on paper from the16th to the 20th centuries.  Among the Old Master drawings that he will be exhibiting are examples by Agostino Carracci, Gioavanni Domenico Tiepolo, Cherubino Alberti, Paolo Farinati, Giusppe Piattoli.  He will also present more recent examples by Pierre Bonnard, Julio Gonzalez, Jacques Villon, Jim Dine, Mark Lombardi, Jacob El Hanani, Matthew Buckingham, and Matthew Higgs.

Kraushaar Galleries will have on view a selection of American works on paper including works by Dorothy Dehner, Gwen John, Maurice Prendergast, John Sloan, John Storrs and others.


Drawing of standing female nude without a face with a brown/red outline

John Storrs, Untitled (Standing Female Nude), 1926